Online Casino Keno

What is Keno?

Keno is a lottery-type game that is popular at land-based and online casinos. The game is random with simple rules that make it popular with professional and amateur gamblers. As in a lottery, players have the chance to win large amounts of money with a small outlay.


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The Aim of Keno

The aim of keno is to correctly choose the numbers that will be randomly selected in a game of keno. You will bet on the numbers you choose and if you choose correctly, you will be paid out according to how many correct numbers you chose.

Playing Keno

To begin a game of keno, players must select their numbers. Each keno card contains 80 numbers and most casinos require a player to select a minimum of four numbers and a maximum of ten numbers per keno card. Some casinos do allow you to choose more numbers and you need to check the house rules before you begin playing. Once you have selected your numbers you must place your bet. You then simply wait for the keno numbers for that game to be randomly selected.

Winning at Keno

Once your bet has been placed, twenty numbers will be randomly selected out of the 80 possibilities. The numbers that you selected will be compared to the numbers that are randomly drawn by the house and you will be paid out for any matches. The number of matches you need for a minimum payout varies between casinos so make sure to check the house rules for the casino you are playing at. In general, if you are playing five numbers, you will need to match a minimum of three to be paid out anything. The more numbers that you match, the more you will be paid out with the payouts increasing dramatically with each additional number that you match.

For example, if you match 3 out of 5 numbers you may be paid out 3 to 1 while if you match 4 out of 5 numbers you may be paid out at 26 to 1 and if you match five out of five numbers you may be paid out at 332 to 1.

Choosing a Keno Ticket

There are different types of keno tickets that exist and different casinos may offer a different range of options. The most common type of ticket is the straight ticket that will allow you to play one game of keno. There are also other options that may be available and that may suit your playing style so look into the options before you begin a game. lists the best South African Online Casinos for you to play Keno.