Online Casino Roulette

The Game of Roulette

The game of roulette is made up of a roulette wheel and a roulette table. There are a number of different variations of roulette; however, the most common variations have 37 or 38 numbered slots on the wheel with the numbers 1 through 36 and a single zero in European roulette and the numbers 1 through 36 and a single zero and double zero in American roulette. The roulette table depicts the numbers on the roulette wheel and arranges them according to the different bets that can be placed in the game. A small white ball is released into the spinning roulette wheel and the aim of the game is to guess and bet on the number, or group of numbers, that the ball will land on.


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Playing Roulette

All players must place their bets on the roulette table. The croupier will release the ball into the roulette wheel and before it drops into a numbered slot, no more bets

will be accepted. Once the ball comes to stop in a numbered slot, you will be paid out for any winning bets.

Roulette Bets

The bets in a game of roulette vary according to the variation of the game you are playing. In European roulette, the most common roulette game, there are ten bets that can be placed – five inside bets and five outside bets.

Inside bets

Straight bet – a bet on a single number

Split bet – a bet on two numbers that are adjacent on the roulette table

Street bet – also known as a row bet or a three number bet, it is a bet on three numbers in a row on the roulette table

Corner bet – a bet on the four numbers in the corner of a roulette table

Double street bet – also known as a six number bet, it is a bet on the six numbers in two adjacent rows on the roulette table.

Outside bets

Red or black bet – a bet on a red or black number

Odd or even bet – a bet on an odd or even number

High or low bet – a bet on a high number (19-36) or a low number (1-18)

Dozen bet – a bet on a group of a dozen numbers (1-12 or 13-24 or 25-36)

Column bet – a bet on a column of twelve numbers on the roulette table.

Roulette Odds

There are specific odds for each bet in the game and it is worthwhile to understand these before you place a bet. The overall house edge for European roulette is 2.7% and for American roulette is 5.26%. lists the best South African Online Casinos for you to play Roulette.